Thursday, July 15, 2010


I spent last weekend in lovely Asheville, NC which just might be the perfect city to live in.

My niece, my daughter and I made our way to the Thomas Wolfe Memorial and homeplace which was known as My Old Kentucky Home
Strange name for a house in Asheville, NC, huh?  It was actually a boarding house run by Wolfe's mother.  She bought it from a businessman who had been from Kentucky. Since it had a reputation and a clientele who knew it by that name she wisely kept it.
Inside we found the guest diningroom.

And this tiny one where Thomas and his siblings ate.
The kitchen.  I love this look!
A lot of bedrooms.
Wolfe's brother died in this bed.
One bathroom for all those boardinghouse guests to share!
Thomas' pjs and underwear.
The tour guides liked to point out that Wolfe was a literary giant.  I think he wore size 44 1/2
And yes, there were books. (Not sure, but I think Wolfe's father sculpted this reader.
See video below for more on William Wolfe and sculpture.)
Most of the books were in the visitor's center next door.  Along with his typewriter and lot of other artifacts.
I kind of sort of hate to admit this but I'm not sure that I ever finished Look Homeward Angel which I started back in high school.  (I would remember wouldn't I?) 

The following video from the Wolfe Memorial Website convinces me that I want to.

Wolfe's Angel from Wolfe Memorial on Vimeo.

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