Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The protagonist in my work-in-progress is blogging. Today Kelsey is exploring the idea of patriotism. So I'm going out on a limb here to share what she's thinking.

August 24, 2010

Seventeen miners are trapped underground in Chile. On Good Morning America, Robin Roberts is interviewing the governor of West Virginia. I hear him say that miners are doing their patriotic duty by working in the coal mines.

Wow! It’s not often you hear patriotism described as anything other than waving our flag or going into the military.

Remember a few years ago when the Dixie Chicks got in trouble for saying they were ashamed that the president of the United States was from Texas?  They were perceived as being unpatriotic.

I’m not saying that was the wisest thing for the chicks to do. But, is it okay to express dissent in this country? Isn’t that what freedom of speech means?

What is patriotism anyway? To me, it is loving my country enough to:

• Obey the laws
• Get along with my neighbors
• Vote when I’m old enough
• Help clean up after natural disasters
• Pick up trash even if I didn’t throw it on the ground
• Be frugal and live simply so that more resources are available to help others
• Volunteer in my community
• Speak up for others who can’t speak for themselves
• Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose
• Respectfully disagree with some decisions that our leaders make

I suppose there are a million ways to be patriotic.

How do you think patriotism expresses itself? Kelsey wants to know.


  1. Thanks Kelsey, for your challange. I'll have to think about it. I like your word, "repurpose." Wonder what you mean by that??? You are certainly one thoughtful 17-year-old! (by the way, could you please tell Mrs. Hostetter that I am anxious to read this book about you and can she PLEASE finish it already?) x0x0x0, Mrs. B.

  2. Mrs B.

    By repurpose I mean find new ways to reuse an item.

    I'm trying to hurry Ms. Hostetter along but she's sluggish.

    Thanks for your comment.


  3. Thanks for sharing from a WIP. It takes guts! Enjoyed it. Patriotism is an interesting thing to think about when you're an expat. From a distance I can appreciate different things about the U.S. from a new perspective while at the same time learning to appreciate various differences here in Germany.

  4. Thanks for sharing from a WIP. It takes guts! Enjoyed it. Patriotism is an interesting thing to think about as an expat. My new perspective allows me to appreciate different things about the US I didn't notice before----but at the same time I can appreciate good things that are different here in Germany.