Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hooray for Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats!  They just donated $ 250,000.00 to Charlotte Mecklinburg Schools to save the sports program for 32 middle schools. (6,500 students involved)

There's a lot to be said for people at the top investing in the average citizen during these hard times. This country - and the world - have plenty of resources to go around. In the long run, it's all about the way wealth is distributed that creates shortages.

However, a body doesn't have to be as rich as Michael Jordan in order to make a difference.  And here's proof!

Libraries in the Charlotte library system were cutting back their hours and this summer 3 branches even closed due to budget cuts. But at least 2 other branches will soon be able to open an extra day each week because volunteers stepped up to the plate. (200 of them - about twice as many as needed!) 

Also, due to the economic crisis, the popular Novello Festival will not be happening this year.  This was just too hardbreaking for some people to witness.  Many generous and hardworking citizens are donating time and energy to provide a Tribute To Novello

There will be the adult version on Saturday, October 1 at the Levine Museum of the New South. And, on October 9, at Imaginon, (Charlotte's magnificent children's library that is so much more than a library), there willl be a Tribute to Novello for young people.

I'll be at Imaginon signing books and participating in a panel discussion.  I can't wait to do my part for the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg. 

Wealth is more than just big bucks.  Wealth is health, time, energy and volunteerism. Most of us are in a position to give some place that makes a difference.

How are your schools, family and community pulling together in hard times?


  1. Thanks for an inspiring post on doing our part, contributing, and being part of something bigger than ourselves! And for setting a great example too.

  2. How wonderful that volunteers are helping out the libraries. Great post.

  3. This is a great post. Thanks!
    Our NJ libraries just got a break and some of their funding returned by the state. But they also depend so much on volunteers.
    (I think that's a comma, not a period, on Michael Jackson's contribution, BTW. Lots of $$$. Good for him.)

  4. Oh, Augusta - thanks for the correction. Yes, it's 250 K.

  5. APpreciated this post. And you know you have a place to stay in Charlotte if you need one. Glad to see that you'll still be involved in Novello!

  6. So excited about this! Thanks for the write-up, Joyce. Keep your fingers crossed: It looks like we may be able to raise some awareness for the "Text READ" campaign during the Panthers Purrsuit.

    Nice to see the community coming together in support!