Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Day in History: Niagara Falls Adventure

I know I just included a "This Day in History" feature on Friday but I can't let this one pass.  On October 24, 1901 a school teacher decided to take a little trip over the Niagara Falls. In a pickle barrel.

Annie Edson Taylor was 63 years old and needed money and somehow thought that this would raise some bucks for her use.  It didn't exactly work out that way.  There was a flurry of publicity at first but people lost interest and she died in poverty.

Annie was the first to go over the falls but not the last. Fifteen more people would try similar stunts between 1901 and 1995  Ten survived.

For some reason, Annie's story strikes me as the most interesting. I suspect it's because she was a woman and she did this at a time when women weren't exercising as much independence as we do nowadays.
Part of me really wants to include her story in a novel sometime.

Legend has it that a cat rode the barrel over the falls with Annie. This may or may not be true but hey, if a cat can take the plunge, then why not a mouse, as in FIELD TRIP TO NIAGARA FALLS.

Looks like fun!
And here's a historical novel for adults that look fascinating!

A great resource replete with with history, photos, legends, and daredevils!

Oh wait - I just realized something else happened this day in history.  It was the first day of the history writing workshop where BLUE was born and nurtured! 



  1. Now you and Niagra Falls have something in common. I LOVE it!

  2. I found a good deal today on "The Day the Falls Stood Still" and I ordered it - thanks to your blog. We went to Niagara when Judah was a baby, and I was fascinated by the pictures of frozen Niagara, and of the pictures and stories of people in the early days of tourism there. The title of the book has stuck in my head ever since you posted this. Thanks!

  3. Well that is just fun! Let me know if you like it. I haven't read it myself! Hope my blog doesn't give the impression that I have.