Saturday, December 18, 2010

ANNIE Comes to Hickory

You gotta love it when NYC comes to a small town near you!

CAST, our local children's theater brought Annie to the stage this Christmas season so I decided to take my grand girls. (not in the pic)
When  Kat (the orphan in yellow with green rickrack) found out, she gave me complimentary tickets!
Is that sweet or what!
Sweet is what it was. Everything about this performance was sweet.

Well maybe not everything on account of - you know - Miss Hannigan.  That's  her in the tacky dress! 
My youngest grandgirl sat on my lap whenever Miss Hannigan was on stage!
But afterward we met her up close and in person and discovered she wasn't actually a mean lady after all.

She is Cathy Stallings, CAST's director who appears to be a limitless source of energy and enthusiasm, guiding the children through one show after another. Certainly not the sort of person who hates little girls!
Many of these characters also played in BLUE but there were some new ones as well.

I was super-impressed with the acting and singing! First rate. Go see it tonight or Sunday if you live near Hickory and get the chance.

Oh, and thanks to Kat!

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