Friday, January 14, 2011

In Which I Meet Our Literary Hero

I've been blogging about a few WWII heroes lately and that era is just so painful that I thought maybe it's time for a little lighthearted blogging.

So how about joining me at the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield, MA?  You don't even have to wear your snow boots because I went there in the summer time.

Dr. Seuss agreed to pose for a pic with me.

Naturally, you can't think of Dr. Seuss without also thinking of that cat in that hat.

The Cat in the Hat was never one of my favorites because well,
for some reason, the book always made me feel 

like this! 

I think it was on account of the stressed-out fish
 (who is way more like me than I care to admit!)

I was much more comfy with the Thidwick, the Big Hearted Moose.

And, oh so proud of my favorite Seuss hero, Horton who is always faithful to the miserable end.

And sticking close to the hero theme we have Yertle the Turtle who is somewhere
at the bottom of that stack.

Ah, yes, there he is

 with the weary look of sheer endurance on his face.

I'm pretty sure all heroes get tired at times and scared and just plain annoyed.  But they endure with humility.
They help others to acheive instead of focusing on themselves.

Which is why my hubby is in the hero chair here.
He's my Yertle, my Thidwick, and my Horton all rolled into one. 
And he might even be the Cat in the Hat if I weren't so stressed-out fishlike!

There's more fabulousness in this memorial garden but
I don't want to provide too many spoilers so go check it out for yourself. 

There's a chair, there waiting for you.

For more on Heroes, see this issue of Talking Story - coproduced by Carol Baldwin and me.


  1. This looks like a fun place and I am ashamed to say that as often as I drove up to Mount Holyoke in the last 4 years, I never stopped in Springfield to see this even though Springfield is on the way. I hang my head in shame!
    But I did visit the Edith Wharton home, which was incredible. Also the Eric Carle Museum, where I met Allen Say, one of my favorite children's book writers.
    Funny too, I have been thinking about heroes a lot lately. I will have to check out Talking Story.
    Thanks for this post and great pictures - it is nice when spouses feel so good towards each other.

  2. Oh, how I would be that chair...

    What a wonderful excursion. I'm aching for a little food for my writer's soul. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  3. Yolanda - hard not to love Dr. Seuss!

    Mary Ann - you'd look great in that chair! Oh the places you'll go!

  4. Great blog, and wonderful pictures. Love how Chuck is one of your heroes! I bet he'd say the same about you.

  5. THAT IS SOOOO NEAT! I don't know that I'll be traveling that way anytime soon, but if I do, that garden will be on my list of "Oh the places I'll go!" :)

    You visit the coolest places, Joyce. I'm a bit jealous! Maybe more than a bit. I'm looking a little like the grinch right now. :) :)

  6. Well, Donna - the grinch turns out to be a good guy in the end.

    And all that traveling has happened in fits and dribbles over about 35 years. It helps to be old.