Monday, April 4, 2011


Meet Ms. Mel, Youth Services Librarian at Alexander County Library in North Carolina. She looks calm on this pic but answer me this!

Mel Hager, as usual, hanging out with readers.
When does Ms. Mel run around like a chicken with its head cut off?

During the Summer Reading Program, of course! 

Each year thousands of libraries across the US, particapate in the Collaboarative Summer Libary Program (CSLP).

Based on themes, promotional materials, and program ideas provided by CSLP, local libraries pull off dynamic summer reading programs replete with reading lists, parties, author events and lots of children coming and going all summer long!  Children, teens, and adults have a marvelous time. And libarians like Ms. Mel wonder whatever happened to summer vacation!

Ms. Mel is having hers right now.  No, not really - but she is a bit giddy about representing North Carolina at the CSLP national meeting in Scottsdale, AZ.  Over the next 3 days she'll work with librarians from around the country to determine the summer reading slogans for 2013 revolving around the theme, UNDERGROUND.

How'd Ms. Mel get this gig?

For the past two years, when Lori Special, from the State Library of North Carolina, represented our state's vote, she polled all of the children’s librarians aross the state. As Ms. Mel, said,  "I had to put in my “two cents” – and, lo and behold, it grew in value! I still cannot believe I’m going!"

By now, it should have sunk in because Ms. Mel is probably enjoying a marvelous Arizona morning with librarians from 49 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa and the Mariana Islands.

UNDERGROUND - what an intriguing theme to work with. Before heading for Arizona, Ms. Mel solicited some ideas from her her nckids listserv. A few of her favorites?  Dig A Little Deeper (children's theme) I Dig My Library (teens) and Unseen Passage (adults).

As for the 2014 theme Ms. Mel would like to Go Green but of course there will be other ideas to consider as well!

Dear friends - the Summer Library Reading Program is coming to a library near you. So what do you think?
1.  Anybody want to second Ms. Mel's dream of a "Go Green" theme for 2014?

2.  Got 2013 slogan/title ideas for reading with an underground theme?

3.  What focus possibilities come to mind for an underground theme? (Roots? A railroad? mining? or say...The Mafia?)

Your "two cents", please!


  1. How could I not support Ms. Wel's summer reading theme of GO GREEN? As author of a blog titled BonnieBlogsGreen, I better:) Inspiring environmental stewardship is second only to achieving world peace and the two are perhaps not inseparable.
    Oh, and Joyce, I'd love a copy of BLUE! Please enter my name.

  2. Oh no. Please make my apologies to Ms. MEL. How did I manage to type a W for an M? The two letters are nowhere near each other on the keypad.

  3. Bonnie, maybe it was the Underground theme that had you typing Ms. Wel instead of Ms. Mel! ; )

    No worries. She holds no grudges -at least not against authors and readers! And especially ones who agree with her. Maybe if she gets her way they can feature your books.

    I have entered you in the BLUE giveaway contest. Good luck!

  4. I'm so excited, Joyce! Thank you for posting our interview. I'll keep you posted on events and on my blog, too!

  5. I'll be watching your blog, Ms. Mel. Don't have too much fun out there.

  6. I vote with Ms. Mel for the slogan, GO GREEN. We work at it here at home all the time, and I'm always looking for ways to do more.

  7. GO GREEN is still in the mix! We vote the final general theme for 2014 this afternoon. The slogan for Underground will be determined this morning. Thanks for your input!!

  8. I heard "underground" and I immediately thought of the civil war and slavery. Something about Rails to Freedom? Maybe that's too hookey...I'll have to think about it. hmmm, i just looked at the comments and I'm probably too late as it is. Oh well, let us know what gets voted in!