Sunday, May 1, 2011


Remember when I blogged about Kindred Spirit?

It's been a few years. Thanks to my dear friend, Kelly Parr, I discovered that Kindred Spirit Mailbox now has a website. And, not only that, she is celebrating 30 years of listening. 30 years of paying attention to anguish. And joy. Fear. Hope and prayers. All from total strangers.

Kindred Spirit is situated at the border between North and South Carolina beaches.  It is filled with notebooks and pens which anyone who visits can use to write whatever they wish. 

Those of us who have visited over the years have naturally wondered to whom we are pouring out our hearts. Is someone reading our entries? Is that someone praying for us?

We also read the entries of those who came before us and we have the opportunity to pray for them.

This morning I was reflecting on the statement from Chariots of Fire by Olympic athlete, Eric Liddll who said, "God made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure."  (This is a quote from the movie - apparently not from the real Eric Liddell) But it is a good quote.

I feel that way about my writing.  A visit to this new website convinces me that Kindred Spirit feels that way
about listening. 
 If you visit Sunset Beach, North Carolina and decide to walk to the mailbox you will walk for a long time and more than once you'll wonder if you unwittingly passed it or if it washed out to sea.  But then, it will be there.  And you will be so grateful for the bench to sit on and the notes from strangers to cherish.
And also that you brought water with you!

At one time there was a push to develop Bird Island.  Kindred Spirit gets the credit for preventing that.  So many visitors (kindred spirits) wrote down their protests that they made a difference!

See why I included a write up about Kindred Spirit in my occasional Sunday Heroes and Saints feature?


  1. I have loved that picture on your blog, Joyce, and had no idea it was a real place. Thanks for sharing it with us. Great story. And great pictures along with it!

    My word verification below is "hydro." how fitting!

  2. Just found your blog, Joyce. I'm linking to your website again tomorrow, because I'm reading Blue to my kids and mentioning it in my post.
    Anyway, I wanted to comment because I read a book about this mailbox. It's a Christian love story called The Mailbox. My review is here:
    Hope all is well!
    Emily (from Deliciously Clean Reads)