Tuesday, June 14, 2011


With the economy as it is (and who really knows how it is!?) we might all be thinking about a different line of work.  Here's one you might consider if you have great posture, a good deal of endurance, and don't mind watching the world go by for hours at a time.

Anyone can be a statue for a day.  Right? 

Well, not me. But, it seems to me that playing statue beats begging on the same hot streets with no gimmick to interest people in the cause. This duo in Leipzig, Germany covered themselves in silver paint, picked their spot, climbed onto the pedestal and turned into statues.

And I'm guessing they prayed that people going by would dig into their pockets. Because getting money in the can is their only excuse to move. Play the following video to see them in action.

I've seen this sort of thing in several European cities. But, the US seems to be catching on too. Last summer we met this colonial era fellow in Boston.

He looks like a real statue to me.

But - hey he just closed his eyes!

And now he's rewarding this girl for the money she dropped into his container.  Wish I had videotaped this because he actually removed a small scroll from his bag and gave it to her.

So let's pretend you decide to be a living statue in some public place for a day. Who would you be?  What sort of moves would you make if someone dropped money in your cup?  Keep in mind that moving in this situation is way more fun than playing statue.  At least I assume so. Have never tried it myself.  And I'm not one for standing still and watching the world go by.

But if I WERE actually going to do this I would want to be part of a group that did readings of some sort.  Maybe some readers theater or a group of authors taking turns reading from our own books. 

BTW, a search for "living statues" over at YouTube
 will provide lots of entertainment without you needing to throw money in a can.  It's not the same as watching statues sweat but oh well...


  1. Yeah! I just received my first email saying you had blogged today. Nice to see that the system works. ANyway, if I were a statue I would definitely be sitting and reading. Then again, a group of people sitting around looking at a ms. would also work! Or maybe poised at my computer...

  2. Wow! What a hoot! What would I do...right now I'd probably be gushing over my kids. I'm working and missing my summertime with my sweeties.

    But I like Carol's suggestions, too!

  3. I do this in Raleigh NC Check me out on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/ManOf2or3

  4. Man of 2 1/2 or 3 Faces Minimum - I checked you out. Silver Drummer Girl - Amazing! I'll be watching for you around the state.