Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To End All Wars: The Story of Conscientious Objection during WWI

My work-in-progress is about war and peace.  It asks questions related to conscience and the causes we feel committed to.  So naturally I am intrigued to hear of Adam Hochschild's book, To End All Wars.  It deals with conscientious objectors in England during The Great War.

"This is a book to make one feel deeply and painfully, and also to think hard." (Christopher Hitchens, "NY Times Book Reviewer) 

I'm thrilled to see my local library has this volume.  But I have a feeling I'll end up paying its price in overdues so I may as well just go ahead and buy my own copy.

This quote from the book trailer pretty much sums up how I feel about history and why I write historical fiction:  "We need to look at history in terms of the things that they maybe didn't tell us in high school and college." 

Another quote from the author: "What could be more glorious and hopeful than the idea that this war was going to end all wars forever?"

If only...


  1. This sounds like an interesting book and I will have to look for it in my library.
    COs have always been treated so badly. Part of my Quaker family ended up in NY because they were being sought for arrest in PA during the American Revolution for refusing to fight. Anti-war must been in my blood.
    I am looking forward to your work in progress.

  2. Alex, it's ironic that in a land committed to freedom (and one whose democracy was shaped by William Penn) that exercising the freedom NOT to fight is considered unpatriotic.

    PA, of all the colonies, should have understood your Quaker family's ideals.

  3. I think what writers and readers of HF are often fascinated with is the story behind the story. Not just the parts that "everybody knows," but the parts that few know and may even be in danger of getting lost.

  4. Thanks, Marcia for that affirmation. I bet most of us love learning those hidden stories.

  5. Joyce,
    I'm definitely going to read this one. Thanks for sharing the title and book trailer. I am also looking forward to your book being available soon. How's it coming?

  6. Thanks so much Linda! The book feels as if it is finally coming together. But I've thought that before and it wasn't. So hmmmmm. My goal is to have it to the editor in early to mid January and then wait/pray for a contract.

    I know. i know. It's been slow.