Thursday, January 26, 2012

WEED & FEED: Writing Buddies

Last night I finished War Horse and now I'm preparing to review it.

Meanwhile, my colleague, Carol Baldwin has included some of my "writing wisdom" in her latest blog post.  (something about orange popsicles & wild onions!)  Hop on over to read my thoughts but more importantly to experience Carol's touching poem at the end.

Her post demonstrates how writing buddies feed and weed each other's plots.

Carol & I at one of those school conferences where we co-presented.


  1. Thanks for posting this and for ALL your help!

  2. I read her post... and loved it. You guys make a great team!

  3. Donna, yes Carol's post was terrific and I think it took her a whole 5 minutes!

    Probably not, but it seemed to go from idea to publication in the blink of an eye!

    That's called inspiration, I guess!