Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Writing a non-fiction manuscript for young people? Does it feel like a steep grade? Are you repeating, I think I can, I think I can?

Well, of course you can. And just to help out, Highlights Foundation is offering Carolyn Yoder's

May 20 - 26, 2012
near Honesdale, PA

In 2002, I attended one of Carolyn's history writing classes. As a direct result, I've published 3 historical novels and have become a rabid- or I should say- avid researcher.  Since then, I've attended several writing retreats with Carolyn. (But not nearly as many as I want to!)

Each one represents a growth spurt for me.  I gain deeper understanding about communicating history, an ever expanding group of friends and contacts in the writing world, and more insight into the book making/publishing process.

Carolyn is a treasure trove of experience and wisdom. Her reputation for being tough is both well deserved and misleading.  It's true that she demands the best of each writer she mentors.  This is why we want to work with her.  Why her retreats are instantly booked with return writers.

That and the fact that Carolyn is heart and soul. A great story teller and a nurturer.  She's funny and she's fair, treating each writer/work shopper with equal respect. 

She holds our hand as needed. 

 And celebrates our special occasions!


But the Highlights Foundation has more than food, friends, and Carolyn Yoder invested in this workshop.
Because they want each writer to get hands-on personal attention, they're bringing in 
multiple award-wining authors to add their power to the week! 

 These ladies have written many other books.  They teach writing and bring keen insight to the writing/revising process! Your whole manuscript will be reviewed and mentored by one of the faculty members.

Special guests for the week will be Nancy Bo Flood and Barbara Krasner.

What are you doing in May?  Surely not huffing and puffing your way up the non-fiction mountain.  I hope you'll be in Honesdale recharging your narrative.

You'll get to visit this place
but most of your time will be spent on the banks of Calkins Creek where the
founders of Highlights Magazine lived.

Take it from me, it's a great place to relax, write, and boost your career!


  1. Boy howdy, you've got that right, Joyce! I'll be there and I can't wait. It will be my first Whole Narrative Non-Fiction workshop, but not my first Highlights workshop. I hope it works the wonders for my writing it has for yours.

  2. nice write up Joyce. ALmost makes me want to crack open the glass ms again. ALmost. But not quite.

  3. What an excellent line up of authors! Excellent, post, Joyce. I'm ready for dessert now!

  4. This sounds wonderful. I love the photos.

  5. That's the best review of a Highlights workshop I've ever read. CY is wonderful (love the photos), and so are all the other authors. Have a great time, all of you who are going.