Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm trying to write but I keep being distracted by internet research.  I'm printing out maps of Berlin, Germany in various eras.  All because I'm tweaking seven sentences of dialogue by a character who lives in New York state.

  • I need his words to reflect historical accuracy.  
  • Knowing this stuff, helps me to feel oriented to my story.
But this browsing about for geographical info and city history soon has me drowning in possibilities.

I feel overwhelmed with the need to understand who Frederick the Great was and how he was related to Frederick William II of Prussia and various succeeding monarchs.

Who was in command when the Berlin Fortress was built and why did he need it?

Image from Wikipedia Commons
Not to be confused by The Berlin Customs Wall

Image from Wikipedia Commons
 or the The Berlin Wall built during The Cold War of the 20th Century.
Image from Wikipedia Commons
But oh, isn't this fascinating!  Problem is, I'm too much like those people who want to be authors but aren't willing to go through the agony of writing a book.

I seriously want to know this information. But today, I'd hoped to get on with the story (or at least seven lines of dialogue). Some days it's hard to slow down enough to go through the learning process.

Guess I'll have to pull a few resources off my Germany bookshelf.  Can't rely solely on Wikipedia, of course!

Reckon how long it will take my character to get back to that conversation? 


  1. I think you need to pay your husband to drive you around for a little while.

  2. Ah, Rosi, you are a quicker learner than I am!

  3. The deliciousness and distractions of research. This post made me smile...even as I think about the books I want to be reading too.

  4. Deliciousness, distractions and a little procrastination too, maybe.

  5. Problem is, I'm too much like those people who want to be authors but aren't willing to go through the agony of writing a book.

    Can I disagree with the author whom made this statement? Because I disagree. I believe she is every bit willing to be committed to the agony of writing a book. Is this blog and the book links all proof of my theory?

  6. Well, Amy - are you arguing with me again?

    You're right - I am willing. But on that day I felt unwilling to slow down and do all that research!

  7. Joyce,
    I keep a Family Circus comic that shows Billy's mom asking him if he has finished cleaning his room. His response: "Almost. The only thing I have to do is get started." I hope that brings a chuckle. I imagine once you get the first line of dialogue, more will come rapidly. You can and will do it! I know you!

  8. I love your books so something must be working!

    As for me, I spend about three months doing nothing but research. I read and take notes. I give myself a deadline to finish by.

    Then ready or not, I put all research aside and just write. No stopping, unless it's just to check a fact. I think it's very easy to get lost in research and delay making real progress.

  9. Shannon, I need to take a lesson from you. I do love the research and don't think I could confine it to a period before I start writing.

    But definitely I just need to write, write, write and come back later for fact checking and perfecting!