Thursday, April 1, 2010

I guess the book giveaway turned out to be a bit of an April Fool's joke after all. I intended to post a winner at 4:00ish and instead I was in the yard pulling weeds and helping my hubby open our water garden!

I simply forgot! So my apologies if you've been looking and have decided that I cannot be trusted.

At any, Author Mary Morton Cowan has picked a number. Look how happy she is!

Mary lives in Maine. I think that explains the warm coat!

Mary picked # 8!

Which, as it turns out, is Donna Earnhardt!

I suggested begging for the prize and boy, did Donna comply! She submitted the following poem. Don't you think she totally deserves to win?

I'm begging here.
I'm on my knees.
(And boy, My floor needs cleaning!)

I'd love a prize,
any shape or size.
(Is this post too demeaning?)

is fine with me.
The books would be fantastic.

I'd love them all,
but it's YOUR call
(either way, I'm enthusiastic!)

How was that for begging? :)

Mighty fine, Donna!  Mighty fine!  Congratulations!  You're still entered for the DVD and other books so who knows?

Donna, email your address to me at moyergirl at charter dot net and I will pass it on to Mary who will send you the book!

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  1. YAYAY! Thank you so much for this. I have been away from my computer for most of the day - so seeing this is a REAL treat. (I'm just glad it wasn't an April Fool's joke!)

    Thank you! THANK YOU! I'll email you with my address tomorrow. My eyeballs are about to shut right now! ;)

    (did I say mention how happy I am to get this?)