Thursday, April 8, 2010

My local history museum has a blog.  How cool! I discovered this at the checkout counter of my favorite consignment shop today.  The proprietor's daughter is the history museum's blogger!

This evening I was reading the blog and discovered that several movies were filmed at one of our local historical sites - Murray's Mill.  One of the movies is Wildflower which I happen to own because it's based on Alice, one of my favorite books.

Unfortunately Alice is out of print as is Sudie, also by Sara Flanigan and also one of my very favorite reads.I have that movie too. It's called Sudie and Simpson. Both are powerful historical novels set in the south.

The other story filmed at Murray's Mill is The Lottery.  Remember that disturbing short story by Shirley Jackson? Shiver me!

Do check out Catawba History Museum's blog.  It's loaded with cool pics and all things historical!


  1. Joyce so excited to discover your blog and that you are following the CCHA! What a great match! Hope to see you again soon!

    Plum Pretty Consignment, Hickory

  2. Anne, I'll be back around. Thanks for telling me about the CCHA blog. I looked for Allison on facebook. Didn't find her. Can you share her user name or suggest I friend her?