Sunday, January 27, 2013


Linda Andersen, at A Writer's Playground, knows this is World Leprosy Week so she invited me to post a Q & A on the topics of leprosy and my book, Healing Water

So I did.  We're giving away a copy of the book over there so click on through and leave a comment if you're interested in winning. 

But first my character wants to introduce his story.

Go now, and read my post over there will you? And don't forget to enter the contest.


  1. Great interview, Joyce. I will be curious to read Healing Water. I read Damian the Leper and Miracle at Carvelle when I was in my teens and they really had an impact on me.

  2. Alex, I think Damien The Leper was the first book I read about him. It really made me a fan. With more research I realize it might be a bit overblown but still...

    I also have a Carville book - but with a different title. Someday I hope to visit the museum in Carville.

  3. Joyce,
    Thanks again for agreeing to do this Q&A.

  4. I hope lots of folks enter to win this beautifully written and well-researched book!