Thursday, September 15, 2016

COMFORT - The Prologue

It was my friends and neighbors and the singing of Imogene's people that got me through that first year, after the war.

But to tell you the truth,
I never thought it would be a matter of just getting through.

For some reason, I thought that when my daddy come home from fighting, my world would be put back right again.

Not perfect right, of course, on account of Bobby dying of polio while Daddy was gone. And me catching it too, and coming home from the hospital on crutches.

Still, I thought Daddy and me both coming home would be like putting the last piece in a puzzle and sitting back to enjoy the pretty picture.

But hard as I tried, I couldn't make things be the way I wanted them with Daddy. I learned quick enough that when someone drops a bomb in one small place on this planet, it shatters the whole universe,

And not just for a little while either.
The breaking goes on forever...


  1. What a powerful beginning, Joyce! It goes right to the heart.

  2. What Clara said -- amazing opening.

  3. this is so beautiful. Maybe you should consider a novel in verse...

  4. Joyce,
    I felt pulled in and could relate to this, even though my life's circumstances are quite different. A great sign of a well presented universal theme!

  5. Looking forward to the arrival of my pre-ordered copy!