Wednesday, November 23, 2016


What does the bridge represent?
Of the many questions that editor, Carolyn Yoder posed during my revision process with AIM, this was my favorite. It helped me to think about the function that bridges serve. In the case of my story, a swinging bridge led my character, Junior Bledsoe, back into family history. It also provided a safe place suspended between two worlds - a place to ponder, to vent, to hear another person's story, and especially to connect with someone Junior did not like.

A rickety swinging bridge provided a platform on which two enemies could become friends.

Connection - that's what a bridge is all about. Providing a way to navigate between opposing riverbanks. Or viewpoints.

In our current political climate I keep asking myself - how can I build a bridge?  I have friends on the other side. (of one issue or another) How can we connect and find common ground?

I could pick up a brick in the form of an argument or strong opinion and then pile another on top of it. I've done that. It doesn't take long to build a wall.  But I'd rather build a bridge. I keep thinking about how to do that.

How do you find connection with people you disagree with?


  1. As a man I know told me. You stand with your foot in each world. But be careful because if you are a human bridge, you might find yourself being walked on.

    1. Um, yes, that is a great point.

      I could ask myself if being walked on is all bad. (I know it doesn't feel that great.) Perhaps my editor should have asked, "How does the bridge feel?" Maybe I will blog about that next time!

  2. Nice post. I've thought how bridges are important to you. me too. (Perhaps that is part of our connection). When Rebecca Petruck was helping me with a draft of Half Truths, she told me Lillie and Kate needed more connections. Same is true in real life. I like to see commonality with others.

  3. I know how you are feeling, Joyce. The one thing I know is that friends and family who disagree with me greatly on politics still have so many other things in common with me that I find bridges back to them through those things. None of us is only a political belief or two, no matter how extreme they may seem to those on the other side. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

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  6. Easy. Aint I building one with you, Ma?
    ♡ ♡