Friday, February 16, 2007


I’ve heard from so many writer buddies the last few days – congratulating me on my IRA award. Of course, that’s because I sent out a mass email bragging about it. (Still no sign of it on the IRA website but I did get my official notice in the mail today!) Anyway, I’ve met so many wonderful people in this business. We discover each other at conferences, swap critiques, agonize over rejection slips, and start to feel like sisters.
I suspect a lot of writers are like me – I love staying home, working in really comfy clothing, and burying myself in reading, writing and research. I don’t need people around to be happy. But sit me next to someone who loves to write and the comradeship is thicker than pimento cheese! (and if you don’t know what pimento cheese is then come on down to “The South”!)

We writers thrive on swapping manuscripts, offering feedback, and talking about passive voice. But the friendship goes beyond writing – surgeries, grandbabies, deaths in the family – they all keep us tight as a rubberband. (And email is the rubberband that keeps us together.)

After I sent out the I-won-an-award-email, I got an reply from one of my writing buds with strict orders to send out press releases to "everyone in Christendom". And the next thing I knew she’d already notified two local papers. Well, let me tell you - Mary Ellen has clout (she ought to – she’s written about forty-eleven encyclopedias!). This evening one of those newspapers called for an interview.

I’m going to add a page element to this blog real soon – one that connects you to my writer friends’ books and websites! (Marilyn K. Hershey, consider yourself forewarned. I hope your website is up and at ‘em!)

And oh, yeah – after reading my blog, another writer sent me info regarding the origin and usage of the work “okay”. Hmmm - maybe I should add a page element called Can you help me track this down? I knew there had to be a way to get my writer friends to do my research!

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