Saturday, February 24, 2007


Every once in a while snail mail brings me something besides bills - something sweet and unexpectedly delightful (a book advance is always welcome!)

It happened again this week (no, not a book advance).

This was an ordinary greeting card envelope with the return address of our dear friends Rick and Ruthie. For over 5 years my hubby and I met with this couple and another priceless pair for monthly meals, private jokes, and sometimes even tears. These are no ordinary friends. But alas! Chuck and I moved to North Carolina and later one member of our 6some died. (more shared tears than ever!)

Turns out that one of my writing friends bumped into Ruthie and told her BLUE had just won the IRA Children's Book Award. Marilyn also told her the award would be presented in Toronto. Well, Ruthie and Rick never miss an opportunity to surprise or bless folks in both fun and unexpected ways. Ruthie is originally from Ontario so they travel back and forth and I suppose they always have a little Canadian money stashed in their underwear drawer (sorry - private joke). But she has less now because the card I got in the mail offered both their congratulations and also some Canadian money!

Frankly, at first I waffled a little on the idea of going to Toronto - after all it will be pricey. But in a day or so Chuck and I had pretty much conjured up a book conference, sightseeing and research trip for the two of us. And if we still harbored any doubts they are gone now. The strange looking dollar with an image of Sir John A MacDonald, Canada's premiere Prime Minister hangs above my computer to remind me that come May I'll be making my first trip to Canada!

Not to mention the Niagara Falls (check this out!!!) which I have never seen. And the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum which I have been wanting to visit for years. The rest of the trip is up for grabs!


  1. What a fun surprise to learn you've told the world about your Canadian currency gift! I had no idea you'd never been to Canada. You'll enjoy it. To fit into the culture, just end sentences with, "eh?"
    Happy travels!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I think Johnny Townsend mentioned the eh thing too.

    I take it you've been to Canada?