Saturday, March 10, 2007


I'm addicted to early morning reading of literature blogs. The first place I normally go to is Elizabeth Bird's blogspot (otherwise known as Fusenumber 8). I "met" Elizabeth via her review of BLUE - last July, I think it was. I was in awe of anyone who could read and review a book a day and still hold down a job (she's a children's librarian).

Sad to say her review of Blue is no longer on her site but you can read it at Amazon - her reviewer name is (E.R. Bird, Ramseelbird)

I quickly discovered Ramseelbird's reviews could be either scathing or of the she-just-made-my-day-variety! I turn to her now, to get a peek into such things as the way those NY houses give previews of their new books and to find out which middle grade books I just have to get my hands on!

But she provides so much more. Today, for example, there was a link to this post with helpful info regarding upping book sales at Amazon.Thought you might be interested!


  1. Awww. You are sweet as honey on the vine. You are writing another book, yes yes yes? You will be sending me an ARC of said book yes yes yes?

  2. Well, YES!

    But copyediting first! Why does it have to take so long???? Hear me wail.