Thursday, March 8, 2007


Since 6:30 I've been messing around on my new high speed internet service (yippeee, I finally got with the 21st century!). Now I really have to get back to reviewing my Hawaii tweakings since I promised to send them to the copy-editor tomorrow!

But before the morning is out I intend to indulge myself. (no, not chocolate although I know where a few truffles are hiding)

I've been promising myself a day in the yard - so I'm heading for Home Depot for a few bags of cedar mulch for a certain garden path. And from there I take the trusty pickup truck to the mulch yard for a great big scoop of rich black leafy shreds. (I so love the smell of fresh mulch!) Then I will spend the day shoveling the stuff into my flower beds - it's backbreaking but nothing exercises the lungs or the brain quite like mulching! I even have an audio of OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA by Jennifer L. Holm to listen to. I've never read this Newbery Honor book and I'm not that fond of this particular recording but...

As much as I love being at my computer and could really enjoy being here yet another day the truth is my brain needs the fresh air! I do some of my best writing while I'm outside working - the ideas seem to coalesce, dialogue emerges, and plot problems seem to work themselves out while I am making things beautiful in my yard.

Now that my Hawaii story is heading across the country to my copy-editor it is time to tackle a few plot problems in my next book...

It's great to be back into a southern story. And it doesn't hurt that my daffodils are blooming, birds are serenading, and the thermometer will hover at 60 degrees. (8 degrees cooler than yesterday) - perfect temps for doing such important work.

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