Monday, September 10, 2007


If you read BLUE and want more information about polio from someone with firsthand experience, read Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio. by Peg Kehret.

The homecoming parade and the 7th grade float were all that mattered to Peg on that September day in 1949. But then she collapsed at school and was sent to the hospital for testing.

The diagnosis – polio.

There are 3 kinds of polio and Peg soon learned that she had all of them. First she lost the use of her muscles and was paralyzed from the neck down. Then she began to experience difficulty with breathing. And from there, things only got worse as she discovered she also had bulbar polio which affects a person’s ability to swallow or talk.

An iron lung stood close by in case she could no longer breathe on her own. For more than a week, she could not eat. But Peg was a determined gal with strong family support. Their intervention and a chocolate milkshake probably saved her life.

This is a story about illness, the road to recovery, courage, family, and friendship. And it’s a page turner, too!

In a few weeks I'll post an inteview with Peg Kehret so keep your eyes on my blog, please! Meanwhile check out Peg's many adventure books. She's won a boatload of awards!

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