Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I imagine some authors have no clutter on their desk but I sure do. Partly because I pull out lots of books and papers when I write. And partly because I need more places to put all that valuable information.

But I have good news! I got a royalty check in the mail! So I'm celebrating by buying a filing cabinet. I ordered it today. It comes tomorrow!

Royalties are my percentage of each copy of BLUE my publisher sells. I get my royalty payment twice a year – the amount depends on how many copies of my book sold in the last six months.

I'm thinking it would be really nice to earn enough to hire someone to do some cleaning for me! But for now I'll just have to do it myself.

Cleaning and organizing really does help my brain work better.

Check back in a day or so to see how my desk looks after I put some of this stuff in my new file cabinet!

What does your desk look like?


  1. My desk is usually pretty organized. However, the past few weeks it hasn't been as much. My question is, do our desks tell us anything about our personality types?

  2. Oh, I think it tells alot about personality types. I am a sanguine choleric. I like to barge in and get things done - that's the choleric part. I don't have time to clean up clutter created along the way! The sanguine part of me starts things but doesn't always finish so even if I begin cleaning this desk off, it might never be completed!

  3. Not sure what my desk says about me, but I really liked your pictures! ALl I know is that as soon as I clean it off, I clutter it up again! Carol Baldwin
    ps so I'm new to this leaving comments thing. How do I leave my picture too? (not that you need it, but just for fun, good to know)

  4. Would love to see a pic of your desk but I have no idea how you can leave one on comments. It seems like I tried that once and it didn't work. But you could try pasting in a url (if you have it on some online site like flicker or photobucket.)

    And if all else fails you can post it on your site. Then I could post again about desks and link to yours!

    I'm thinking of blogging about things on and above my desk. (One thing at a time) Should give me lots of blog posts, don't you think!