Sunday, September 23, 2007


I posted this book Thank you, Mr. Falker in honor of my all time favorite school teacher! Read it, if you get a chance.

Today in Sunday School class, a woman named Pauline was talking about Mrs. Cunningham, a terrific teacher she had in elementary school. Another lady put in her opinion - "Oh," said Pat. "Mrs. Cunningham is a wonderful person!"

I went to the same school those women did (Mtn. View Elementary). Mrs. Cunningham was my language arts teacher in 7th and 8th grades. There were lots of things to like about her teaching. I loved all the art projects, field trips, and exciting musical programs.

But mostly I remember that Mrs. Cunningham told me I was a good writer! At my 8th grade graduation, she announced to all the parents and grandparents that I would be a writer someday.

I believed her. And so I am!

Thank you, Mrs. Cunningham!

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  1. Its amazing how someone believing in us can help shape who we are and who we become!