Thursday, September 20, 2007

CLEAN DESK (sort of)

My hubby picked up my new file cabinet today. Suddenly I have a place to put the books and papers that were sliding off my desk. (see the messy desk pic below!)I don’t have much time to actually organize, though. But I decided if I don’t do anything else I’m going to move the clutter from the desk to the file cabinet.

So I did. And I took a picture of my new and improved desk.

Wow – now I have lots of room to put more things!


  1. Looks good to me. Did you get the color you were looking for?

    I am hoping to do some organizing in my office soon. I hope to enlist the help of my PT employee, daughter.

    I really want to paint in there. It didn't get painted when the rest of the house got a new coat last year.

    There never seems to be a good time to empty out an office between qtrly reports, yr. end etc., etc.

    I need "Divine Design" to come and work in my office. I usually like her style.

  2. Who is Divine Design - is that from the Home and Garden channel?
    Cleaning a desk or organizing an office is a monumental job! Hope you pull it off. Daughters are great help!