Thursday, January 17, 2008


In my Back to School post on August 29 I made a few wishes for students and teachers who read my blog.

# 2 on the list was A few good snow days. Today that wish came true.

We awoke to a 3 inch blanket of wet snow. In North Carolina that's enough to stop most of us in our tracks! Schools are closed today. Yippeee! It doesn't affect me, actually, except that there's a leftover teacher lurking inside somewhere. Or maybe it's the 3rd grader in me who's thrilled for all those who get an unexpected holiday.

My husband made omelets for both of us. I'm revising my BLUE sequel which is due to the editor on January 31.

Later I will make a cup of hazelnut hot chocolate and sit outside to drink it. It will be chilly, but look - the camellia's are thriving and I will too!


  1. Ooh! That sounds lovely, Joyce. We are getting the mix of snow and freezing rain up here in PA. Still a good day for a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and a good book. Good luck with your revisions.

    BTW--do you ever loan out that husband! Well, I can't really complain. As long as we're willing to wait until 10:00 or 11:00 to eat, which I rarely am, my man makes french toast or pancakes at least once every weekend.

    Love the photos, too!

  2. He's a pastor so sometimes I loan him out whether I want to or not!

    Usually he doesn't cook. Just the occasional breakfast or something on the grill.

    Whatcha reading?

    Whem I'm not writing, I'm reading Hugo Cabret! Just happened to have it out of the library when the awards were announced.

  3. Awesome! One of my third-graders, who is still a little rough with the whole reading thing, picked up Hugo Cabret and LOVED it! It really motivated him to conquer some of his reading struggles.

    I'm actually getting started on some research for my next book. I'm reading The Reluctant Spiritualist: The life of Maggie Fox by Nancy Rubin Stuart. Along with that, I have a mountain of YA's to read as well as a few mysteries--foxhunting mysteries! Can't wait!

  4. Since I was home schooled I remembering singing to my mom when it snowed "School's out, school's out, teachers let the monkey's out" and sometimes we were allowed a snow day too!

    Love the pics - check out for some more pics of snow-covered camellia's.

  5. Apparently you have a very persuasive singing voice!

    Or maybe your mom, like all teachers, loved snow days too!

  6. Thanks to Amy-Lizzy for referring my camelia photo to you on my Hickory Blog. I love your red one.

    I appreciate your comments, what an honor! It amazes me how blogs and the internet connect us in such unusual ways. I have read about your "Blue" in the Hickory paper-would love to read your work. I am a good reader-not a writer... Blessings,
    Cheryl Gilliam
    Luxury Cabin Rentals-Smoky Mtns of Tenn

  7. What is it about "snow" that brings out the little girl in us?? We had 5-1/2 inches here in Harrisonburg yesterday and I loved it. There was a day when I would have been out there shoveling snow just for fun or taking a long walk. I did notice that I was content to enjoy it from indoors this time. Must be getting old. Today the sun was out bright and it will too soon be gone. They actually cancelled classes at EMU and JMU yesterday and again today at EMU. Very unusual. Loved the picture of your little "reading" girl in the snow.