Saturday, March 1, 2008


Today, March 1, 2008, Healing Water is being released. Of course, the official pub date is April 1. But I'm not easily fooled. It’s actually being released today. So although there will likely be only the merest ripple in the world as a result - I am celebrating!

How? I signed up for a year of CURVES.

I kind of hate to admit that. It is so out of my character. I have always been a “get-out-in-the-fresh-air-and-walk” or “rake-leaves” or “mow-the-grass” kind of exerciser.

But the busier I get with writing - the more I sit and the less I move. And of course there is the problem of the wicked good food at writer events and the out of town travel that interrupts regular exercise routines.

So I finally decided to kick my own behind into activity. I walked into the nearest all-ladies exercise venue and signed myself right up. I am strangely, quietly thrilled with this out-of-character decision.

Of course I could have celebrated with something sinful like a bag of chocolate covered macademia nuts…Oh! That reminds me! I promised someone chocolate covered macademia nuts. And a kukui nut lei. And a signed copy of Healing Water. How could I have forgotten!? Hubby, pull a name out of the proverbial hat.

Hurry, hurry - I can't wait. Whose name is it?

Yeah, yippee skippee! The winner ...

Ahhh… now I’m really celebrating!

I don't know Dorothy but here's something I discovered from the contest entries. Her daughter, who also entered, teaches school. She and her students are having a Hawaiian food fundraiser for their school this month. How cool is that?! Maybe Dorothy will loan her the kukui nut lei for the occasion...

Email me your address, Dorothy and I'll send you the goods.

Meanwhile - Mahalo Nui to all who spread the Aloha!


  1. Congratulations Joyce...and Dorothy! It had to be kismit!

  2. Happy Release Day (2 days late) and may Curves prove to be all that you hope it to be! Carol