Friday, April 18, 2008


Perhaps you've seen the posts on various blogs about the world's most modern library. (the DOK in Delft, Holland) If not, take a gander at the shifted librarian. Sweet, huh?

But hey, if a hip-happening library is what you're after, then go no further than my backyard - that is, an hour away in Charlotte.

Imaginon calls itself A Library For Youth, A Professional Children's Theater, and so much more. Follow the link and see if you don't agree about so much more....

I only wish I had so many more and better pics to showcase the delightful environs.

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  1. Your library posts have reminded me of weekly trips my Mom used to take my siblings and I on to our local library. I remember hiding the book I was reading in the bathroom between the towels on the back shelf so I could slip in there and read throughout the day. Hmmm...wonder if I can find a place to hide a book in the bathroom at work?! LOL