Wednesday, April 16, 2008



There should be more weeks to celebrate libraries. As a researcher, I'm enthralled with my library’s local history room, where I can retrieve a phone number from 1945 and with the publication stacks, where I can read old issues of LIFE magazine.

And have I mentioned newspapers on microfilm? In my hometown library – the Hickory Daily Record 1944? And in Honolulu 's library - The Pacific Commerical Advertiser 1873?

In addition I adore interlibrary loan which gives me access to rare and out-of-print titles. During this National Library Week I give thanks for the Quarryville,PA Library. Eight years ago, while I was doing research for my newest book Healing Water, the folks in this user friendly facility accessed old titles such as The Life and Letters of Father Damien and many other primary sources. There seemed to be no limit to what they could provide for me or how often they would obtain it.

Many thanks to my local librarians who hosted author events for me in the last several years – Hannah and Jan at the Hickory Public Library and to Teresa and Eloise at the Ridgeview Branch. To Martin in Interlibary loan. To Alex and Alice at Catawba County Library for looking up just whatever I wanted to know. And to April at Southwest Branch who (among other kindnesses) purchased a Niagara Falls video for the library because, well, because I needed it.

Tuesday, April 15 was National Library Worker’s Day and I actually missed it because I was preoccupied with the anniversary of the death of Father Damien. And with painting walls and playing with sweet grandchildren and with revisions of my Blue sequel and with yada yada yee…

It appears that I owe my local librarians some dark chocolate. Antioxidants coming right up!

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  1. I love librarians too. Blog was a nice tribute. Miss hearing from you. what's happening? carol