Thursday, August 21, 2008


There are perks to being a published author. Most of them have to do with the delightful people we meet along the way.

I first met Children's Librarian, Mel Hager in May when she and the delightful YA YA Book Club treated me to a scrumptious meal at the Oriental Cafe in Taylorsville, NC. This fabulous little eatery is run by Helen Cheung and her lovely family.

William, me, Helen, and Kevin

Helen sent me home with these lovely lillies which I enjoyed for a long while after.

Yesterday I saw Ms. Mel again when she bought me a latte at Barnes & Noble. It was so fun to chat with Mel, her mom, Shirley and Mel's two children!

Allison and Barrett were supposed to be back-to-school shopping and must've wondered how they got stuck with this gig. But they were infinitely patient. Here's a pic - minus Barrett, who manned the camera.

Shirley Thompson, Allison Hager, Ms. Mel, and Me
That green bag Mel is holding - ooops! you can't see the green bag - but anyway it has 3 copies of BLUE. Gotta love a librarian who buys multiple copies of your books with her own money! She could hand out library cards instead.

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