Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday, I enjoyed a day with 7th graders at Granite Falls Middle.

Team Tsunami Teachers, (l. to r.) Randy, Kim, Amanda, and Brian have worked hard with students to read BLUE and to conduct related activities in their classroom. Thanks, guys! You made my day, brightened my week, and helped launch a great new year! (They look like nice folks but don't let that fool you!)

Kim shows Randy the scale model of The Miracle of Hickory Hospital that her math students are making.
Randy Seldomridge applied for a grant to sponsor my visit and he got it! Working with him was pure pleasure because he pays attention to details.

Note the bulletin board based on a passage from BLUE - the students each designed a tear bottle. And also puh-lease note that Randy's bottle just over his shoulder is orange! (the one in the corner)

And, oh, I love that everyone wore shades of blue in honor of the day and was also honored by a visit from School Superintendent, Dr. Steve Stone. If you visit his page, you will see he has a passion for reading and even provides a site where members of the community submit book reviews.

After school, Amanda and her parents shared with me the story of 2 cousins who were in the Miracle of Hickory polio hospital.

My heartfelt thanks to parents, Teanna Cantrell, Jenny Weaver, and Regina Lunsford for cookies, muffins, and fruit. The nutrition kept me going!


Last week I enjoyed a morning of sessions with students at Jenkins Elementary and then an evening PTA gathering with students, parents, and popcorn!

It's so fun when students show up in overalls in honor of Ann Fay Honeycutt! Thanks, Darian!

PTA brought in a crowd of enthusiastic readers. I went feeling tired and came home energized! Many thanks to Principal Stephanie Feller and Terry Bannerman for co-ordinating the day. I don't have a pic of Harriet Jeffords who also helped or of Robin Rash. Robin welcomed me in so many ways, not the least of which was to give up her media center for a day and take care of all my technology needs. Thanks Robin! Jenkins Elementary has the distinction of selling more books than any event I've ever held! Clearly this is a community that reads! And many thanks to Donna Flowers' 3rd grade class for the fan letters!


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