Monday, February 23, 2009

BLUE MONDAY: School Visits in Alamance County

As I've said, I love Mondays. And here on my blog, Blue Mondays are called that because they celebrate my book. This year I've been fortunate that Alamance County Friends of the Library chose BLUE as their community-wide reading selection.

February in Alamance County has been filled with remarkable Blue-related activities. Included in the planning were two days of school visits for me. Last Thursday and Friday I visited 4 middle schools where students had read the book and came armed with questions for discussion.

Co-chairs of Alamance Reads, Margaret Blanchard and Lennie Stout accompanied me on these visits. And do you think I remembered to get their photos?

Of course, not!

But there is always the Alamance Reads Finale (Blackberry Cobbler & Ice Cream Party) at Captain White House in Graham this Saturday night. I will get a photograph of all the gracious folks who have pulled this monumental program off!

Meanwhile here are a few images from my two day stint in Alamance County.
Margaret Blanchard looking at some Blue related student work - the first thing we saw when we stepped into Graham Middle School on Thursday morning.
I'd love to find a real pair of Old Hickory overalls. The factory is no longer here but I know some pack rat somewhere must have a pair tucked away! They're probably worth something. Meanwhile isn't Deanna's handiwork fantastic!?

A few scenes from Western Middle School where I made my last stop on Friday. I was tired at that point and afternoon sessions can be a bit draggy for all involved but these students was so interactive that they picked me right up!
Almost all the students wore blue but three of them put on their innovative hats and designed tee shirts for the occasion! Thank-you to Nathan, Peps, and Hope! You made my day - I hope I wasn't too preoccupied to show you how impressed I was.
On Thursday after school, dear Margaret took me to visit the amazing artist, Ann Hobgood who created this Blue display at Glencoe Mill Village. Glencoe is another fantastic piece of history. More on that another day.
Ann and Margaret discussing the formerly rusting iron bedstead that Ann restored for the occasion.

On Saturday night at the Alamance Reads finale I will finally get to see the sculpture that Ann and young friends made using every single itty bitty item (down to the flies on the screen door) mentioned in Blue.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful display Ms. Hobgood put together. Wish I could have been there to see it first hand. Enjoy the grand finale on Saturday. Sounds like an amazing sculpture is to follow. Speaking of flies -- I wonder if they know about shoo-fly pie. Anyway eat some blackberry cobbler for me. YUM!!!