Monday, March 2, 2009


It's Dr. Suess' birthday and I was planning to celebrate by reading to 3rd graders at Startown Elementary today. And wouldn't you know?

It snowed!

Often when it snows (which isn't often at all in these parts) I pull out a jigsaw puzzle. But several years ago, I wrote BLUE on snow days. I was teaching school at the time and we had lots of snow that year. (Yay! Time to write!)

I am thinking I will use today to write also - because I assume I will be reading at Startown another day this week and Writing Wednesday has been preempted by another much anticipated event. Later this week the sun will be shining and outdoor workdays are at hand. Surely!

So writing by my fireplace seems like a plan. Earlier today, Chuck and I took a walk through our snowy backyard. While I write, you are invited to do the same. Maybe you'll bump into us along the way.

I love my rustic garden shed (built mostly by my hubby). It looks good in all kinds of weather.
The grandchildren's castle is especially enchanting in snow. Part of me is sad the kiddos are not here today to explore all our favorite spots which have become so otherworldly.
And another part is not so sad about missing out on wet clothes and puddles on the floor. And this way I have time to write!
We love our wooded paths any time of year but this is probably the very best!
My walking partner! Also known as my humble husband.

I love this chair. Never have found a cushion to fit it and I haven't convinced myself to make one either. It makes a lovely fern stand, however. And it goes very well with snow, don't you think?
The ornamental pear is about to burst into bloom.
The weeping willow is leafing out!
And of course, the daffodils are doing their best to beat spring to the punch! Spring is good and I'm ready for it. But the two of us are quite pleased to have gotten one good snow day first.


  1. Your backyard looks very inviting covered in snow. I wonder how Dr. Suess' would write about it. I wonder if he ever wrote about snow.
    Boy do we have lots of memories of playing in the snow, cold fingers/toes and puddles of melted snow. GOOD MEMORIES!!!!!

  2. My most vivid memory is of going over to Rex P's house with David to sled. Actually I remember very little about being there. Mostly I remember following him home through the woods and fields and freezing and crying. But he got us home!

  3. Awesome snow pics. I especially loved the one of your swing!

  4. Thanks Amy. The swing is kind of nice, huh?

  5. Yeah, it reminds me of the hammock one I posted on FB.

  6. I'll have to check out your hammock pic.

  7. You're an excellent photographer, Aunt Joyce. I really enjoyed your photos this evening.