Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TUESDAY 2: Two Items In The Mailbox

I was planning to share two quotes today. But yesterday, my hubby came in from the mailbox with a large padded envelope. When I opened it up - voila!

These are two of three early copies that were sent to my publisher. Comfort is thicker than Blue or Healing Water. I knew it would be, of course. But still, I got used to a certain size so this thicker volume throws me a little.

Suddenly, I realize why the revisions took me so long!

The bulk of the books are out on the high seas -making their way steadily from China. One day, in the next few weeks, the UPS man will deliver my complimentary copies while I'm not looking. I'll open the back door and voila!

Meanwhile, I don't mind if you pre-order online! (Comfort, BTW, is a sequel to Blue)


  1. What a fun Tuesday 2!!!!

    How exciting it must be to have copies in your own hands!

    I'll be ready for mine when they slow, steady seas of China deliver. ;-)

  2. Exciting, yest! I am ready for it to be out there. Thanks for wanting one!!

  3. Congrats!!!! What fun. Can't wait to read COMFORT. I am sure it will be every bit the hit BLUE has been.

  4. Thanks, Jeannie, for your confidence!

  5. Oh, I'm so excited for you! And I can't wait to read it!!!!

  6. Thanks, Ghost Girl! Come see me and I'll give you a copy!