Thursday, March 19, 2009

KATHY TEMEAN: Ilustrator, Website Designer, & All-around Children's Book Guru

Kathy Temean, (speaker, illustrator, marketing consultant, web designer, and more!) presenting to 7 eager writers at a recent writer event.

If you've read my recent posts, you know I'm on a high from my recent participation in Peter Jacobi's "Life in the Spotlight" workshop at Boyds Mills, PA.

I don't mean to imply that the entire week was a pie-in-the-sky event. Actually, I think of it more as a coming down-to-earth experience. In addition to all the delicious food and hilarious fun, we each "endured" the scrutiny of experts who were not shy about telling us how we could improve.

Take Kathy Temean who blew away my arguments against certain social internet sites. From now on, if I invite you to get LinkedIn with me, blame it on Kathy. If you find me tweeting on your Twitter page, it will surely be her fault!

In addition to advice about making social and professional connections on the web, Kathy also gave feedback on our personal web presence. She took us to the blogs and websites of every participant in our workshop and gently gave critical feedback on each one.
So how did I fare?

Apparently, I'm doing okay here, on my blog. (Big sigh of relief!) But not to rest on my laurels! Because there is still the matter of my website. Full confession: I created it myself. According to Kathy, the content is respectable. But the presentation? Not so much!

And in case you're wondering what Kathy Temean knows about websites take a look at some she designed. They include many well-known children's authors. I love the fact that Kathy is open to creating original artwork for her clients! And also that she is so connected in the children's book world. (Incidentally she is the Regional Advisor for New Jersey chapter of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators!)

So, when people ask me if my week was worth it what do I tell them? First of all - every Founders Workshop I have ever taken has paid for itself in real dollars. Even when - as in this case - it means paying more money to get a professional looking site! (Kathy, I'm getting right on that extreme website makeover. I promise!) (Sign from the kitchen windowsill at Founders Home in Boyds Mills, PA)

Coffee? Yes. Lots of it, please. But I also need the wisdom and comraderie of gathering with other writers, speakers, and the occasional marketing consultant!

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  1. Speaking of LinkedIn, I introduced my boss to it today!

    And as for that sign, IS IT FOR SALE???

    Great post and can't wait to hear your new take on social networking sites.