Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SCHOOL VISIT: Marion Elementary

Last week I visited Haw Creek Elementary School in Asheville. It was great fun but I failed to get pictures. So yesterday while at Marion Elementary I made sure I had my camera out!

So now for a photo essay! See the beautiful woman in pink? That is Renee Hensley, AIG teacher.

Did someone say AIG?

Forget insurance. Think Academically/Intellectually Gifted! Renee emailed me awhile back for info about a school visit and, in no time at all, she'd secured funding and was ready to make a date. We settled on Monday, March 30.

I had 4 sessions - one with each grade level - 3rd - 6th. I did not get photos of those so use your imaginations - 3 classes of readers in each session who came armed with questions and were perfectly respectful! Special thanks to all who sat on the floor! After two sessions it was time for lunch! I loved walking down to the cafeteria and feeling the pulse of the school. We brought lunch back to the library where I ate with AIG students and Battle of the Book participants. (McDowell County included Blue in their Battle of the Books list - How wonderful for me!).
They asked if they could hold my books up for the picture. It was a tough decision but finally I agreed! Dear thoughtful Hannah, (I think she is a tutor) went out of her way to make molasses cookies (a tribute to BLUE) for us. I ate mine after school while signing books - it was the perfect picker upper - moist and fragrant and oh, so spicy good!

Principal,Elaine Seals dropped by to introduce herself early in the day, attended a session, and sat in on the lunch chat. Again, I did not get a picture but what a great lady! She recently returned from a mission trip to Togo and would like Marion Elementary to partner with a school there. (See, she really is great!)

During my 3rd presentation, several visitors arrived and I suddenly felt like Laura Ingalls Wilder teaching when the School Board walked in.

Except these fellows were not wearing dark suits or long faces! These men, dear reader, are Marshall Dark and Chris Revis, members of Marion Rotary Club. As it turns out, Chris is married to 3rd grade teacher, Michelle Revis. The two of them used to live in Hickory and even had a neighbor who worked at the Miracle of Hickory hospital!

Here they are with Media Specialist, Angela Woehl - checking out some good books.
Turns out, the local Rotary Club helped to sponsor my visit. For an inspiring video on Rotary's Polio Eradication Initiative click here. (While there, note the Rotary-sponsored iron lung on the Miracle of Hickory photo.)
As buses were leaving and I was going out the door, the Battle of the Books students were practicing with Angela.

Thanks Angela for giving up your space and schedule for a day.

To everyone at Marion Elementary, I had a marvelous time! Go Bulldogs!


  1. Thank you Mrs. Hostetter for coming to Marion Elementary! All the students looked forward to and enjoyed the day they spent with you. My 3rd graders loved the book "Blue" and are begging me to go get the sequel to read to them. Thank you again for such a wonderful story as well as a super day!
    Mrs. Kim Price
    3rd Grade

  2. The Clement family hale from Asheville. It was kinda wierd that Front Street was stationed there. My great-great aunt, Lilian Exum (Clement) Stafford was the first women elected to the state senate. She read for the law (like Lincoln). At that time, women didn't have the vote. She was affectionately known in chambers as "Brother Exum."

  3. Nathan, I have a hard time thinking of you in IN. I think it's the Front Street connection. I so miss our Front Street friends!

    Now I see that you are from Asheville. Sort of...

    Ms. Price - it was so much fun being at your school. Thanks for reading my books to your students! Feel free to email any questions. I can blog about them.