Saturday, March 28, 2009

SUPERB SATURDAY! Books and Writer Friends

1. COMFORT arrives in the Port of New York today. Hopefully it will be offloaded quickly and sent on its merry way to the publisher's warehouse and from there to my doorstep and also to yours. It's a little late coming in but back orders will be filled the day they arrive in the warehouse.

Regarding COMFORT, I discovered (and plagiarized) the following paragraph from the blog of J.L. Powers, "author, historian of Africa, and small publisher".

I just wanted to give a quick shoutout for the latest batch of y.a. books from Front Street Press. I will be reviewing them for New Pages, but wanted to say I’ve been thoroughly enjoying their offerings: Morning in a Different Place by Mary Ann McGuigan, Markus and the Girls by Klaus Hagerup, and Comfort by Joyce Moyer Hostetter are all the kinds of novels that make me proud to write for young adults.

Thank you, J.L. Powers!

2. Mary Ann Scott, who is enroute to her new home in GA is here with adorable daughter, Maisie and their two dogs. I met Mary Ann a few years ago when I spoke at the Fall Philly Conference of SCBWI Eastern PA Chapter. She's one amazing lady - moving with family this week and going back north next weekend for the Eastern PA Pocono Retreat Conference, which BTW, she also organized!
It's been great talking books and writing habits and research with her!
Daisie and Whitman hung onto our every word. Okay, so Daisy took a nap. Who knew that not everyone loves historical fiction?!

3. It's rainy here so I am cozying up with a WWII/D-Day manuscript written by a friend. Critical eye, honest feedback, encouragement, and all that! Time for another cup of coffee.


  1. Oh, Joyce! Thank you so much for putting us (as well as Whitman & Daisie) up for the night and sharing some great chat. It was so wonderful to see you again. I'm always amazed at how similar our lust for research and our writing habits are.

    Maisie kept her flower safe all the way to GA. Hope to see you again soon!

    Mary Ann

  2. OOOPs! I spelled Daisie wrong! Fixing that right now. So glad to know you made it!

    It was a pleasure!

  3. Your writing success has opened up a whole new world of friends to you. It's fun to see you enjoying your fellow authors. How special to host one in your home.

  4. Thanks, Jeannie. It was fun. Mary Ann is great! I love the people I meet in the book world.

  5. Looking forward to reading Comfort. thanks for calling today; I was teaching the homeschool girls at the time. I'll try calling you again at some point- I was calling from the car coming home from the airport. Weekend was tough, but spiritually uplifting. It was wonderful to be with great Christian brothers and sisters- even in such sad circumstances.