Thursday, March 26, 2009


I read each of my books countless times while writing. Then come copyedits and proofreading and I read and reread until I never want to see the thing again. For awhile, just before it goes to the printers, I hate my book.

But then I have a delightful lunch with a mother-daughter book club who has just read it and the discussion makes me think, That book sounds pretty good. Maybe I'll read it!

That's how I felt today. The lunch was in the home of a gal who was ten when she attended my wedding. Now she has a lovely teen daughter and three sweet sons. The table was set entirely in white with white narcissus and a copy of Healing Water on the table. So of course I went running back to the car for my camera.
The food was delish! I tried to not to talk with my mouth full!
We discussed leprosy and the misconceptions surrounding it, Father Damien and the change he brought to Hawaii's leprosy settlement, other characters and what inspired them.

Hannah read a quote from the book. I suppose the sun did not shine more after Father Damien arrived but sometimes it seemed that way. I think that sentence sums up why I wanted to write this story.

We also talked about ideas for pursuing publication. I got the distinct feeling there are several writers in this group. I hope they keep honing their skills, attend writer's conferences, and stay in touch with me!

Thanks Ashley, Abigail, and friends! And thanks to all for the fragrant gifts! It was a rainy day but in the tradition of Father Damien, you made it feel all sun shiny!


  1. Ashley and AbigailMarch 27, 2009 at 11:01 AM

    We had a great time! Thank you so much for coming and sharing some of the knowledge you have with us!!! We learned a lot about leprosy (and polio) that we didn't know before.

  2. Ashley and Abigail - Your home is so lovely! And you were gracious hostesses! I wish I'd left goody bags for the boys. Wasn't thinking!!

    Yes, I learned things about polio yesterday. Rebekah emailed me about her nephew and I found info about that story on the web. So I will be blogging about that soon.