Friday, March 27, 2009


Congratulations to Nathan Clement whose picture book, DRIVE just made the Kansas Reading Circle Recommended Reading List 2009!

I met Nathan a few weeks ago at the Life in the Spotlight workshop provided by Highlights Foundation. And we made a book swap - BLUE for DRIVE.

I love DRIVE for its bright colors and unusual angles. I am of the impression that Nathan considers himself an illustrator first and a writer second. He did some impressive research and photo shooting to get the images and then he worked some sort of magic with his computer that I am unable to comprehend. The end result is both bold and subtle. The book is carefully nuanced in images and text.

Nathan may be an illustrator but his story is every bit as powerful as his art.

The writing is spare and yet it swells with feeling for the truck driving Daddy who is out on the road, being a good citizen, and providing a service. As much as this is a book about life on the road, however, it also feels very much like a book about home. There is a quiet sense of stability and rootedness here.

I can see why Kansas wants to get it into the hands of her young children.

P.S. DRIVE earned starred reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus!

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