Sunday, April 5, 2009


I just joined the BEDA club! (Blog Every Day in April) Here it is April 4th and I just now learned about BEDA. But hey, I’m in luck! So far, I’ve met the challenge that I didn’t know existed.

And then again, maybe it isn’t luck. Maybe it’s simply that I’ve had some extra computer time on my hands since hubby landed in the hospital.

Anyway, credit where credit is due – I was web surfing and discovered Maureen Johnson’s blog and read her BEDA idea and it suits me well so I signed up!

April promises to be crazy busy. I had my school visits carefully spread throughout the month but now Chuck's unexpected illness has rearranged things. By the end of the month, I’ll need my GPS just to locate myself.

So why do I think I can blog every day in April?

Because I need to learn to blog fast anyway. And short. And sweet. Watch me BEDA!


  1. Good luck blogging in April! You can do it!

    A friend of mine sent me this link:

    for a blogpost that talks about what writers should blog about. Dunno if it will help you -its geared more towards freelance writers - but it's pretty interesting and it might give you an idea or two.

  2. Thanks Anne for the link! It was actually quite educational and reminded me why I need to blog often!

  3. Yipee, I have something to look forward to every day in April!!!!! You have fun writing and I'll have fun reading.