Monday, April 6, 2009


Way back in March (or about 3 weeks ago) I attended a workshop about public speaking/marketing led by the great Peter Jacobi.

We workshoppers were a small group of writers and among us was Anne Greenawalt.
Anne is all of 24 years old and already she has accomplished amazing things. In addition to earning her masters degree, she writes for several online magazines, and has published a book of short stories called Growing Up Girl. And she also has an agent.

Did you hear me world? Anne Greenawalt has an agent!

Her agent is shopping her young adult novel about a female who participates in the Olympic games in ancient Sparta!

Personally, I think that subject is incredible. I’m also thinking that, if anyone is equipped to write such a novel, it’s Anne. For one thing, as a competitive swimmer, she knows sports. For another, she's passionate about women and their accomplishments.

But don't jump to conclusions here. Anne is not on a soapbox. She is a quiet soul. Speaking in public (which we practiced at our workshop) is not something she's inclined to do.

But Anne is powerful. She can do hard things. We saw her transform in 4 days from her “do-I-really-have-to say-something?” persona to “watch-me-give-a-dynamic-school-visit-and-be-videotaped-at-the-same-time” personality!

In her school visit, Anne led students in a character creation exercise. She told them one of her favorite childhood characters was Pipi Longstockings. After all Pipi has unusual strength.
Here’s a pic of Anne that I took from the TV while we were critiquing her speech. Aren’t those stripes just a wee bit reminiscent of Pipi?

Anne and Pipi have sort of merged in my mind at this point. Both are incredible! So do yourself a huge favor. Click on over to Anne’s blog where she tells an amazing story about her first public speaking experience after our workshop.

Wow! I’m quite certain the great Peter Jacobi would be so impressed!

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