Thursday, April 9, 2009


So there I was riding up the road on Writing Wednesday, thinking that I would do some composing in my head. But wouldn’t you know - I left the Muses at home. Truthfully, I don’t blame the Muses for not getting in the car – I mean really it was a little early for getting out and about.

So anyway, I did not come up with any clever dialogue or character ideas or situations at all.

When I returned, I spent an hour at home, trying to find myself (didn’t even think about looking for the Muses) and then went on over to the hospital.

And guess who was there? If you guessed the Muses, well bingo for you! After sitting in this climate-controlled building for a week with nothing much going on in the way of inspiration, suddenly I found two characters for my work-in-progress. Or maybe one character and one situation – we’ll see.

4 of the grands came up to see BopBop – they are so sweet and curious about this hospital experience. I gave them a little tour – all around 3rd floor about 4 times, identifying the linen closet, the ice machine, the conference room, nurses station etc. We rode down the elevators to the cafeteria where we bought ice-cream and sat down to enjoy.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, I encountered two fascinating patients. And voila! I’m ready to put words on the page!

Yeesh! If the Muses wanted to go to the hospital, they could have hopped in the car before now. It’s been coming over here every day for a solid week!

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