Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I’m supposed to be writing on Wednesdays but today I’ll be driving into the mountains of North Carolina for a speaking event.

But not to worry! I can write and drive at the same time. As a matter of fact, I remember writing the prologue for Blue while driving down I-81.

My computer was packed away, of course. And I didn’t have pen and paper in hand but that didn’t stop me. For some reason, the prologue presented itself with such clarity that I simply talked it out while I drove. Then, when I got home, I typed it into the computer.

Sometimes the computer stifles my writing. When I’m most determined to stay at my desk and put words on the screen my brain often slips into pause mode and I really don’t accomplish much. If I’m smart, I’ll get up and start moving. Some of my best dialogue is created while I mow the grass!

I assume most writers do, at least some writing, when they’re away from the computer. How else do you think we entertain ourselves during boring public speeches? Or survive long road trips?

I’ve got four hours of driving ahead of me today. Can’t wait to hear what my characters have to say to each other!

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  1. not only writing in your head, but taking pictures while you're driving!!