Friday, May 8, 2009

FRIDAY 5: Five Blue to Comfort Things

1. I love the e-mails I'm getting in which people say they like COMFORT as much as BLUE. I can't say how much this matters to me. Of course my daughter thinks she's partial to Blue. But that's okay. As long as Comfort is not a huge let down, I can deal.

2. The Blue play opens tonight. There are two casts since this is being performed for the public in the evenings and for school groups during the day. One of the Ann Fays presented the director with a copy of Comfort last night. How sweet was that?

3. My grandson, who is 4 years-old, will be at the play. His mother read BLUE to him and he sat through the whole thing. The other day he walked past me and said, Ahni, I loved Blue". (Ahni is my grandparent name.) Then he turned and flashed his dimples at me! It just might have been my most heartstopping Blue moment ever! (And I've had plenty.)

4. My grandaughter who is 7 gave up on Blue after Chapter One. (She's old enough to feel the pain in the story and she's not as fond of tragedy as I am.) In her decided opinion, Daddy going off to war was a bad way to start a book! At first she wanted to see the play but wisely changed her mind. I'm relieved because that child was never going to forgive me when she found out Ann Fay burned Bobby's toys. (This way she can still be my fan.)

5. My parents will be there. And my good hubby and our children. A few siblings too. And my 8th grade language arts teacher who predicted I'd be a writer someday. Front and center. I'm getting nervous.


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  2. Oh Joyce, I am so excited for you and sorry I can't be there for opening night. It would be so much fun to be with you, the family and Mrs. C. I thought about BLUE on stage shortly after 7p.m. and felt SAD not to be in the audience tonight. But I will get to see it next week with VA friends. That will be fun. I can't wait to hear about tonight's experience. I hope you took lots of Kleenex or one bit handkerchief.
    Love ya, Your Sis

  3. Dear Joyce,
    I wonder if your feet have hit the floor. We wish we could have been there in person tonight, but our plans dictated otherwise. We are excited to patiently wait till we and our friends can go on our pre-planned night to fit schedules. But our eyes were on the clock in the car as we were on our way to and fro and Christian did count down to 7:00 and as would be our good fortune we were in the car when the play was ending and we all wondering what was happening and what the excitement was like.
    Hope you can sleep tonight!
    Your first sister-in-law

  4. I'm so happy and excited for you. I can't imagine what it would be like to watch a story you've birth come alive on stage for many to enjoy. Will you e able to function today? if not, that's just fine. Bask in the experience!!
    Love, Ruthie