Sunday, May 10, 2009


Healing Water was inspired by Father Damien who volunteered to live in Hawaii's leprosy settlement.

1. Today is Damien Day. May 10 is the anniversary of the day that Father Damien began his ministry to Hawaii's leprosy patients.

2. Yesterday, I thought I was meeting friends, Carol Baldwin and Shelley Worman at El Paso's for some great Mexican food before we attended the Blue play. Then, Shelley's grandchild decided to come a month early so it turned out to be just me and Carol. At least that's what I thought. But when I arrived I found a small crowd. The core group were NC school teachers and media specialists who took an NCCAT class Carol and I taught last fall. There were a few spouses and other family members. Great folks! I was slightly flustered by this unexpected gathering in my honor. And humbled that each of them drove 1 - 3 hours to get here. It was so fun to be with them again but there wasn't nearly enough time to catch up! Thank you! Thank you! And Shelley, I missed you, but congratulations on the grandchild!

3. Last night, when I came home from the play, there was a rose bush on my kitchen table. And cards from the grandchildren. You've got to love it when the two year-old dictates a card to his grandmother that says Happy Birthday, BopBop! I don't blame Solomon for being smitten with his grandpop. (After all, I am too.) But still, the way I see it, that little fellow owes me a Father's Day card!

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  1. Joyce,

    What a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing your good time.