Friday, May 22, 2009


1. The Blue play is being held over. New showings lined up for next Saturday and Sunday. School groups will also be able to see Blue on June 2.

2. A Battle of the Books team in Virginia emailed to say how much they enjoyed Blue. They want a sequel. Such fun to tell them that it's a done deal! (Ask for COMFORT by Joyce Moyer Hostetter.)

3. Reading Winnie's War by Jenny Moss. It's historical about the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. It's well written. What's not to love?

4. I'm writing from my treadmill these days. The good son (I only have one.) attached a shelf for my laptop and away I went. I'll post pics after I lose weight! ; )

5. What I'm writing on this treadmill desk is a WWII era novel about conscientious objectors. Lots of room for conflict there!


  1. Try again - tried to post this once.

    So glad to hear BLUE is being held over. That speaks well to its success. CONGRATS!!
    It sounds like walking and and writng at the same time is also successful. ENJOY!!!

  2. Thanks, Jeannie! Yes, Blue is doing well. I think I enjoyed it most the 3rd time. Maybe the cast was more relaxed. And then again, maybe I was!

  3. Hey girl -- could you do another "blog every day of the month" in JUNE. Please??!!! -:) I miss your writings.

  4. Earlier I threatened to blog no days in June so I could write a book. I know I am a bit off my blogging routine now. But am actually working on a post at the moment!!

    Thanks for your interest!