Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've gotten emails from 3 of Mrs. Halterman's language arts classes. (J. Frank Hillyard Middle School, Broadway, VA)

The first two classes focused on questions about Blue 2 -(COMFORT) which they had just completed. This last class to write, offered ideas for BLUE 3.

TBH, I'm not convinced I'll write Blue 3. I’ve thought about it, of course. I have some plot ideas but I've learned that, for me, a good idea is not enough. First, I need to find the heart of the story - the passion that will carry me through the long hard process.

Of course, a little brainstorming of ideas never hurts. From a good brainstorm, passion can grow. So today, I'm sharing suggestions from 7th Graders at JFHMS.

Possible titles: Joy, Peace, Contentment, Hope, or Happiness. (I guess we're leaning towards a one-word title too!)

  • Ida and Ellie could go to Warm Springs and put on a play for the residents.
  • Gavin could visit Ann Fay, but fall for Peggy Sue who owns and operates a beauty salon in their hometown.
  • Junior and Ann Fay could get married and have a family of their own.
  • Ann Fay invites Imogene to her wedding.
  • Ann Fay finishes high school and works at Warm Springs.
  • Otis could fall for Bessie (becoming Junior's step father!)
  • Maybe due to Mrs. Barkley's influence, Ann Fay becomes a teacher.
  • Ann Fay could teach Otis how to read.
  • Imogene marries a young preacher who ends up moving up to take over the little church close to Ann Fay's home. They try to rekindle their friendship.

Well, we hope you enjoyed reading our ideas. Mrs. Halterman and her 2nd period class.

Yes - loved reading these ideas! And there is certainly potential for passion there. It's so sweet that these 7th graders want Otis to find love. It never crossed my mind...

What would I do without my readers?

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    How about you email me at and we'll talk about the book I won! I will probably let you send it and I'll donate it to my niece's classroom in Mississippi. Also have another question about your current research. Augusta