Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last week, I enjoyed some email exchanges with Ms. Halterman’s 7th graders at J. Frank Hillyard Middle School. The next several posts will reflect those exchanges.

We just finished reading Comfort this morning and here are some comments and questions that we have for you:

The book was awesome! We loved it!
Thanks!!! I am so glad!

Will there be a third book? We would love to see one!
Thinking about it. If there is, that will answer some of the questions below!

We liked that the baby was a boy.
Me too.

What did they name him?
Honestly? I don't know. Got suggestions?

We liked that Ann Fay's dad was working out his problems.
Me too!

Does Ann Fay marry Junior?
Honestly? I'm not telling! Not yet - maybe if there is a sequel we'll learn more.
Why was fact that Ann Fay had a beautiful singing voice introduced into the story, but never followed up on?
Good question. Really I started out thinking Ann Fay will find her place in art or literature but those things didn't work out so naturally. And while I was writing it the music theme came up. I realized, hmmmm she is always referring to music in Blue. Maybe she is a musician. So I went with it. She is singing near the end of the book remember? Sometimes we get to know our characters better over time. I hadn't expected that really. Perhaps a 3rd book could explore it some more. If there is a 3rd book.

Was that the end of Imogene after Ann Fay's visit? Do they remain friends or ever see each other again?
Honestly? I don't know. It seems like it might be. It seems unlikely for the time that they would have been able to sustain a friendship. But one never knows! Maybe if there is a 3rd book, we'll learn more.

Does Otis find love????? :) Interesting question. Hadn't thought about that. Now you’re giving me ideas! Thanks!

Does Ann Fay ever go back to Warm Springs?
That could happen. If there is a 3rd book!

Does she ever see Gavin again or hear from him?
Don't you think he could present some interesting conflict for a 3rd book?

Does she ever visit Suzanne and scrapbook with her?
You know the answer to that, I bet. (3rd book - If there is one which I don't know for sure yet. Thinking about it though.)

Will there be a movie?
In my dreams...

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