Monday, May 18, 2009


Good morning Mrs. Hostetter!
Our 6th period class just finished reading Comfort and would like you to hear our questions and comments...

We liked it better than Blue! It had more action!
Woohoo! That makes me very happy. I just didn't want it to be disappointing. I thought maybe there was less action so this feels good.

We were wondering...does Otis know how to read? We got the feeling that he didn't when Ann Fay was reading out loud to him on the porch.
Hmmm, I suspect Otis could read some but maybe not very well. Education wasn't considered as important in the 30's and 40's as it is now. It was somewhat common for folks to drop out of school to work. I suspect that is what Otis did.

On page 203 Ann Fay is sitting on the porch staring at her suitcase and pasteboard box of personal items. She realizes that she must have left her blue tear bottle in Junior's car. Does she ever get it back? It was never mentioned again in the story!
Knowing Junior the way I do, I’m sure he brought it back. (After he got done being mad at Ann Fay.) I'm sorry I didn't mention it.

    We realize that the answers to most of these questions lie in the third book - if there's going to be one! (hint, hint!)

    • Do Ann Fay and Peggy Sue become good friends again?
    • Does Ann Fay have any more encounters with Rob Walker (the bully)?
    • Will Ann Fay ever walk all the time without the help of braces and canes?
    • Does Ann Fay ever talk to Olivia again?
    • Does the Honeycutt family get a telephone?
    • Does Junior get his own place?

    Since I think it’s a little early to reveal the answers to your questions, I won’t try. (Besides I don’t know the answers to most of them.) You have given me lots of things to consider for the 3rd book (if there is one!)

    What would be a good title for a third book?
    A good title. I have one in mind but it has 4 words and I think a one word title would be more in keeping with the series, don't you? I think the title will come with the writing and I honestly haven't written a word of it!

    But I'm thinking about it. And you have given me some ideas.

    Thanks for answering our questions!
    Mrs. Halterman and her 6th period class

    You are so welcome! Thanks for asking!

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